(Yoga Alliance Certified)

Building on your experience, I'm here to help you refine and expand all that you bring to teaching yoga.
Gerald Q.
Summer is an amazing person! On a scale of 1 - 10, she is an 11. Her classes range from introductory to more advanced power levels. She is an extremely knowledgeable and patient yogini. Her voice is soothing and calm. You know you are in the presence of a truly caring and loving person. She has improved my practice in so many ways. I look forward to many more years of Summer's excellent instruction.
Summer Morris has been leading yoga teacher training programs globally for over 20 years. Her background as the "For Teachers" columnist for Yoga Journal Deutschland, Yoga Journal China and Yoga International, her four textbooks on teaching yoga (now in 10 languages), and proven track record in leading outstanding trainings, bring yoga studios, schools and teachers worldwide to seek out her premier training programs.

This online training seamlessly integrates Summer's experience and methods in conducting the highest quality teacher training with the latest interactive technologies and best practices for online learning in this unique training unmatched by other online program.

Along with Summer's contagious passion for teaching and the structure and support systems provided in the training, these qualities ensure that you will deepen and refine your knowledge and skills while empowering you to expand your repertoire of offerings in the yoga community. You will learn more about yourself, become abundantly more clear about your purpose as a yoga teacher, and get connected in lifelong relationships with others who share your values on the yoga path. 
Join Summer Morris for a free virtual information session about his upcoming 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training course. This will be an opportunity to meet Summer, ask questions about the course, and participate in a guided practice. Approximately an hour will be given to Q&A/discussion guided by Summer.   

This info session will be hosted on Zoom and requires registration.

To join, please choose a date below.


Explore more deeply in the received wisdom from ancient yoga traditions to develop a more well-rounded knowledge of yoga philosophy, ethics, history and lifestyle practices.


Learn to work with injuries, pregnancy conditions, and other specific or unique student needs in your yoga classes that might not have been thoroughly addressed in your 200-hour training.


Move far beyond the typical cookie-cutter approaches to teaching postural yoga through insightful and informed observation of diverse students and bodies in a wide array of asanas and other yoga practices.


Gain a more thorough and deep practical understanding the major asanas, including their alignment principles, energetic actions, variations, modifications, contra-indications, risks and benefits.


Expand your understanding of yoga anatomy – how the body is structured, held together, moves and stabilizes - in a way that makes practical sense in teaching real human beings.


Refine how you integrate verbal, visual, and tactile cues (hands-on adjustments) to more effectively and clearly teach yoga to all levels of students and various student intentions and conditions.


Learn how to plan classes based on clear principles of sequencing that are informed by knowledge of the interrelations of postures within and between each family of asanas as well and other facets of practice such as subtle energy, seasonal changes, and changes  across the lifespan.


Develop specific plans for expanding your teaching in a variety of settings such as yoga studios, gyms, businesses, schools, community centers, retreat centers and more, the basics of opening a yoga studio, and how to create and expand opportunities for teaching yoga online.

This training will provide you with the knowledge, skills and confidence to help your students in deeply impactful and meaningful ways. 
This 200-Hour Training covers all of the major topics in teaching yoga and fulfills (+ exceeds) 100% of Yoga Alliance curriculum standards.
CONVENIENT ONLINE TRAINING that includes video learning, live interaction and guided home practices so you can study when it makes sense for your schedule and learn at your own pace. Yoga Alliance certified.
A FLEXIBLE FORMAT spread out over 8 months so you can easily fit the full training into your life. This flexible format provides ample time and space for integration and exploration in each module. Plus, you'll have a full year (until October 14, 2024) to access and complete the training. 
LIVE INTERACTION & SUPPORT FROM SUMMER. Every other week we'll meet live via Zoom for group discussions, Q&A and guided yoga practices to further support your learning and growth. Hosted on Tuesdays (9:00am-1:00pm Pacific Time). All sessions will be recorded for anyone who cannot attend live.  
AN ONLINE COMMUNITY FORUM to engage with Summer and your fellow trainees between live sessions for more individualized guidance and support. Plus, optional study groups that meet virtually. 
LIKE-MINDED FRIENDS. Yes, even online trainings create connections and friendships that often last well beyond the conclusion of the training.
PRINTABLE WORKBOOKS (digital PDFs) with terms, definitions and images to enhance your learning and help you organize notes. Includes a 67-page Anatomy Workbook, a 100-page Asana Workbook, a 38-page Sequencing Workbook, and other helpful worksheets and templates. 
200 HOUR CERTIFICATE. With your successful completion of the training, you will receive a 200-hour Certificate that enables you to be a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYS 200) with Yoga Alliance.
Special Discounts. Start with a $15 discount on beYoga Liability Insurance, which you can learn about here. 
 I’ve been training teachers for over 20 years and I’m here to help you deepen and expand all that you offer to your students.

As an internationally acclaimed yoga teacher and author of multiple books on teaching yoga, I bring decades of experience and a background in academia to my trainings that far exceed Yoga Alliance standards. My three yoga textbooks – Teaching Yoga, Yoga Sequencing, and Yoga Adjustments – are available in multiple languages and used as core textbooks in teacher training programs around the world. (You may also wish to explore my book, Yoga Therapy.)

With a deep study of yoga history and philosophy, human anatomy and physiology, social and interpersonal dynamics, and Eastern and Western theories of being and consciousness, I bring a non-dogmatic, accessible, and integrated perspective to my trainings that makes yoga a more refined resource for healthy living. 
This hybrid training blends self-paced learning with live interaction.

This 200-hour training is presented in 5 modules. Spread out over 9 months, this program not only supports ample time for integrating all that you are learning; it also makes it easier for teachers to fit an advanced training into their busy lives.

Moving at your own pace, each 6-week module gives you sufficient time and flexibility to complete the material in keeping with your personal needs in life, while providing structure and support to help keep you on track.

Additionally, you'll have 3 extra months (equating to one full year) to access and complete the training. If you've fallen behind, wish to revisit past material, or simply wish to take longer, this program design fully supports your needs.


  • 15-25 hours of video learning (lectures with Summer)
  • Three 4-hour Live Group Sessions (via Zoom) with Summer for open discussion, Q&A and group work. These sessions are always recorded for those who can't attend live or wishes to view them again.
  • Guided yoga, pranayama & meditation practices during both the live sessions and in pre-recorded video learning.
  • Supplemental activities (reading, journaling, quizzes & more).
  • Optional meetups & study groups with other trainees.
Both in-person and online training formats have strengths and weaknesses. My online training offers the same substantive content as my in-person offerings and include some additional benefits, including self-pacing and the option to repeat recorded content whenever you wish. In pursuing your further development as a yoga teacher, this design and flexibility will help to best ensure your unique learning needs are fully satisfied. 

Not everyone can take time off work (or from other responsibilities) to advance their learning and deepen their studies. If you're juggling multiple commitments and responsibilities, the flexibility of online learning offers you an opportunity to study when it works best for your unique schedule. In lieu of taking time off work or missing family dinners, you can log-in and learn when it’s convenient for you, making it easier to balance all that you do and love in life.

Unlike in-person trainings, online learning allows you to pause, rewind, re-watch and even slow the speed of video lectures and classes. This playback control helps to ensure you don’t miss any critical information being presented when you need to pause to take notes, do additional research or contemplate an idea. Those who don’t speak English as their native language especially find value in slowing down the video speed to help with translation. Plus, you can re-watch the videos repeatedly to make sure you fully understand the material before moving onto the next topic. This added control allows you to work through the material at your own pace and get the most out of your learning experience.

Traveling for in-person trainings can present many challenges, including an added cost and time commitment, that prevent teachers from being able to study with Summer. Online learning means you can train with Summer from anywhere in the world, without the need to travel and from the convenience of your own home. Plus, online learning attracts a wide range from participants from all over the world which lends itself to a deeper, global perspective that enhances the learning experience during live group sessions on Zoom.

For most people, learning requires repetition, but in-person trainings are live which means you can’t “rewatch” the material or access it again. With online learning, you can watch the video lectures and classes as many times as you like during your time of access (one full year). Not only does this improve your ability to learn the material, it also provides ample time for integration of the information; you have time to go out and apply the teachings, methods and theories in your classes and then revisit the material or ideas that didn’t make sense during application or that you didn’t fully grasp.
Want a glimpse into the training?

To give you deeper sense of how Summer teaches and what online learning is like in this training,  here's are a two example videos directly from the training. The first video is a philosophical lecture on the Gita that leads to more on how to make our classes highly engaging and deeply meaningful. The second video is a presentation on practicing and teaching Warrior II (alignment, modifications, adjustments, risks, etc.).  Enjoy!  
A condensed overview of the modules & topics covered in this training 
 MODULE 1: Foundations of Practice & Teaching  
  • What is Yoga?
  • Essential Elements of Asana Practice
  • Taking the Seat of the Teacher
  • Practical Human Anatomy for Yoga
    • Introduction to Anatomy
    • Anatomy Terms
    • Muscles, Bones, and Joints in Yoga
    • How to Apply Basic Anatomy to Understanding and Teaching Your Students
  • Standing Asanas
    • 27 Beginning to Advanced Standing Poses
    • Alignment, Modifications, Use of Props, How to Demonstrate, Verbal and Tactile Cues and more
  • Sounds: Music, Aum, Gayatri

MODULE 2: Cultivating Stability & Ease
  •  Guiding the Practice
  • Subtle Energy & Yogic Anatomy
  • Philosophy: The Yoga Sutras
  • Abdominal Core Practices
  • Hand/Arm Support Asanas
    • 16 Beginning to Advanced Poses
    • Best practices for Hands, Wrists & Shoulders) 
  • Pranayama
    • Origins and Ideas
    • The Science of  Breathing
    • Preparatory Practices 
    • Pranayama Techniques
    • Teaching Pranayama
  • Mantra: Om Nama Shivaya, Om Namo Bhagavate, Gopala
  • Guided Chakra Meditation 

MODULE 3: Cultivating Clarity & Inner Power
  • Insights from the Gita
  • Back Bends
    • 16 Beginning to Advanced Poses
    • Arm Extension versus Arm Flexion Back Bends
    •  Contraction, Traction, and Leveraged Approaches
  • Twists
    • 9 asanas
    • How and Where to Initiate Spinal Rotation
    • More Best Practices for Twisting
  • Tantra: Weaving in the Whole of It All
MODULE 4: The Heart of Things
  •  Seated & Supine Forward Folds & Hip Openers
    • 21 Beginning to Advanced Asanas
    • Folds Folds and Hip Openers in Restorative versus Vigorous Classes
    • Cultivating True Hip Mobilization
  • Inversions
    • 8 Asanas + Multiple Variations
    • Myths & Contraindications
  • Surya Namaskara (Sun Salutations)
    • Traditional Forms of Classical
    • Traditional Forms of "A" & "B"
    • Surya Namaskara Remixes
  • More on Language, Diversity, and Inclusiveness 
MODULE 5: For the Love of It All
  • Teaching Pregnant Students
    • Basics of Pre-Natal Yoga
    • Post-partum Integration Practices
  • Sequencing
    • Planning & Designing Classes
    • Sequencing Principles and Methods
    • The Arc Structure of Classes
    • Interrelations of Asanas
    • Applying Anatomy, Subtle Energy, and Psychology  to Sequencing
  • The Profession & Business of Teaching Yoga
    • Ethics
    • Continuing Education 
    • Teaching in Yoga Studios and Gyms
    • Teaching Online
    • Teaching Private Classes
    • Designing and Teaching Workshops & Retreats
    • Sustainability and Livelihood
 Completion & Certification 
  •  Class Observations (6)
  • Class Sequences (3)
  • 15-minute Teaching Videos (3)
  • Certification Exam (1) 
  • Graduation!
  • Staying Connected
  • Ongoing Mentoring with Summer Morris 

My comprehensive curriculum fully covers the fundamentals of yoga philosophy, teaching methods, techniques for working with a diverse array of students in all aspects of postural, breathing, and meditation practices, and myriad small matters that come into play in the art and science of teaching yoga.

We begin with the question, “What is yoga?”  Then we fully dive into the interwoven threads of a holistic and integrated practice and how best to share it with others.

Asana Technique & Teaching Methods: The most extensive part of the course, here you will learn in detail how to teach each of over 75 basic yoga poses compassionately yet systematically, including their functional anatomy, alignment principles, energetic actions, risks, benefits, preparatory asanas, counterposes, variations, modifications, hands-on adjustments, and use of props. This part of the course covers the major families of asanas: Sun Salutations, Standing Poses, Backbends, Forward Bends, Twists, Arm Balances, Inversions, Core Refinement, and Hip Openers.

Practical Yoga History & Philosophy: A practical survey of yoga history and philosophy that distills the essential insights for teaching yoga. We look at the ancient-to-current threads of yoga and how they have developed and been intertwined over the ages, considering essential passages from the Vedas, Upanishads, Gita, and Yoga Sutras as well as somatic theory and other 20th and 21st century sources that can inform how we practice and teach. We give close attention to ethics in teaching, including matters of emotional transference and projection, and how to ensure an emotionally and physically safe space for practicing and self-transformation.

Practical Yoga Anatomy: A hands-on introduction to functional anatomy, bio-mechanics, and the kinesiology of movement as applied to seeing students in the practice and guiding them in a meaningful, safe, and effective way. You will learn about the basic human skeletal structure; how different types of bones, joints, muscles and connective tissues optimally function in postural practices; the basics of human movement so you better understand transtions in and out of asanas; close study of the spine, hips, and shoulders as they relate to all seven families (and sub-families) as asanas.

Designing & Sequencing Classes: The art and science of sequencing families of asanas and crafting entire classes, including for different levels of students, different intentions, seasons, styles and other considerations. Here we also cover pacing, duration, tempo, and vibe for different levels and intentions of classes.

Teaching Pranayama: Basic and intermediate pranayama techniques, including how, when, and whom to teach basic yoga breathing (ujayi pranayama) and more intermediate pranayama techniques (including kapalabhati, bastrika, sitali, viloma, kumbhaka, and nadi shodhana).

Subtle Energy & Anatomy: Awareness and activation of subtle energy, including how to cultivate bandhas and the relationship between pranayama, bandhas, and the elements of yogic anatomy, including koshas, chakras, nadis, vayus, gunas, and doshas.

Meditation Practices: In demystifying meditation, we explore how to bring meditation into yoga classes and everyday life in way that is simple, accessible, and sustainable. We explore several meditation techniques.

The Art of Seeing & Relating: An integral part of the course, here we learn to systematically observe, appreciate, and understand what is happening with different students in each of the 75 asanas, thereby developing the necessary skills for working individually with your students and giving appropriate verbal cues, hands-on adjustments, and use of props.

Demonstrating & Cuing: Here we focus on when, where, and how to most effectively demonstrate yoga poses while giving the clearest, most understandable verbal and hands-on guidance to students. Qualities of voice, including language, tone, and audibility, are given close attention.

Hands-On Adjustments:  We go deeply into the full range of hands-on adjustments, an essential skill for all yoga teachers. It begins with an in-depth consideration of the principles of tactile cues, and then looks at specific techniques for guiding students in over 50 poses. Here you will work with one another to learn, practice, and refine your ability to guide students.

Teaching Pre/Post-Natal Yoga:  Every public yoga teacher is a pre-natal yoga teacher if only because you will definitely have pregnant students in your yoga classes. Here we look closely at maternal anatomy and physiology, adaptation of the practice for each trimester of pregnancy, indications and contra-indications for various conditions, effective use props, emotional and psychological aspects of pre-natal experience, preparation for delivery, delivery, and post-partum reintegration through yoga.

Working with Student Injuries & Special Conditions:  Students come to classes with a variety of conditions, including acute and chronic injuries, disease, and other conditions that need to be considered in guiding their practice. We will consider several of the most common conditions: joint issues (ankles, knees, hips, sacro-iliac, spinal, shoulders, elbows, wrists), scoliosis, osteoporosis and students undergoing chemotherapy.

Making Yoga Meaningful:  Why do you do yoga? What are the core values at the heart of your practice? How can you best be true to your values while holding space for others and their values in your classes? How might you best create space in class and provide guidance to students in making their yoga experience more meaningful in the fullness of their lives?

Class Observation: Buy observing experienced teachers in the act of leading live classes, you will further refine your insights into what different students are likely experiencing in their yoga practices, thereby expanding your own skills in leading classes.

Practice Teaching: From the very beginning of this course, you will work with other participants to teach classes, starting with working one-on-one and gradually developing the confidence and skill to lead larger and larger classes. Each practice teaching session includes extensive feedback and discussion of teaching techniques and methods.

Lifestyle & Ethics: How we live our larger lives off the mat, including personal yoga practice, nutrition, sleep, relations with family and friends, and being in community are essential aspects of deepening our yoga and sharing it with dignity and integrity.

The Profession & Business of Yoga: This covers the role of the teacher, getting yourself established as a professional yoga teacher, and being successful in teaching yoga as your source of livelihood.

srjt h.
I can not recommend Summer Morris Yoga enough. Summer's classes are just what you need whether you're looking to quiet and calm yourself or if you're looking for weight control. She is extremely personable, spritual and knowledgeable and her classes are a wonderful escape. It was just the kind of therapy I needed! Highly recommend!

This teacher training is designed for anyone who has completed a 200-hour training and wishes to dive far more deeply into learning and refining their skills for a lifetime of teaching yoga with spirit, intelligence, and creativity.

If you feel inspired top develop your knowledge and skills and you appreciate that there is always more to learn, this training is for you!

This online training attracts a wide range of participants from a variety of backgrounds with diverse interests in life and yoga. Many are new to teaching while some are teacher trainers themselves, some still trying to find their path in the teaching world while others own studios or run retreat centers. Working and sharing together, participants in my advanced programs have at least one thing in common: the desire to keep learning and to develop into the most highly competent and confident teacher that they can be.
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MODULE 1: Starts October 14, 2023

Live sessions: October 16, October 31

MODULE 2: Starts November 11, 2023

Live sessions: November 14, November 28

MODULE 3: Starts December 9, 2023

Live sessions: December 12, December 26

MODULE 4: Starts January 6, 2024

Live sessions: January 9, January 23

MODULE 5: Starts February 3, 2024

Live sessions: February 6, February 20


CERTIFICATION EXAM: Becomes available at the end of Module 5 and can be taken until the training closes.

TRAINING CLOSES: October 14, 2025


The schedule, materials and requirements will be outlined in detail in the Training Syllabus and delivered to you via email upon registration. 

As an online training, this course requires a strong and consistent internet connection because all the videos stream from our training platform and are not downloadable. 


  • Provided via PDF: Training Syllabus, Module Checklists, 67-page Anatomy Workbook, a 100-page Asana Workbook, a 38-page Sequencing Workbook 
  • Self-acquired Books: T. Desikachar, The Heart of Yoga,
    Jo-Ann Staugaard-Jones, The Concise Anatomy of Yoga, Mark Stephens, Teaching Yoga, Yoga Adjustments, Yoga Sequencing  


  • Watch all of the video learning content
  • Attend all of the Live Group Sessions in real-time or watch the replays
  • Complete the quizzes and supplemental activities 
  • Complete the Independent Study Project 
  • Pass the Certification Exam 
There are two ways to register and pay tuition for this training.
The full tuition is $2500.00 USD. If you pay in-full upon registration, you'll receive a $500 discount. You can also pay $500 USD per module and thereby spread out your tuition payments over the span of the training. When paying per module, you can go one module at a time, with no  commitment to enrolling in subsequent modules.

$2000 USD


  • One-time payment that includes a $500 discount
  • World-class training with a highly esteemed international trainer 
  • Convenient online learning + flexible format
  • Bi-weekly live interaction & learning with Summer & group support (via Zoom)
  • An online Community Forum for continuous support between the live sessions
  • Printable Workbooks & supplemental learning resources
  • 200-Hour Certificate approved by the Yoga Alliance

$2500 USD


  • Multiple payments ($500 per module) are billed monthly
  • World-class training with a highly esteemed international trainer 
  • Convenient online learning + flexible format
  • Bi-weekly live interaction & learning with Summer & group support (via Zoom)
  • An online Community Forum for continuous support between the live sessions
  • Printable Workbooks & supplemental learning resources
  • 200-Hour Certificate approved by the Yoga Alliance

Register with a friend and save $125 each on In Full or $25 each on Per Module. 

Plus, joining with a friend means a familiar face, and added support and accountability. To take advantage of the Buddy Discount, please email Summer and she'll set you up with a special discount code (summermorris@).  

Is this training approved by the Yoga Alliance even though it's online?
What if I can't attend a live group session?
Will there be "homework" or additional hours of study?
What is the breakdown of hours for this training?
How long do I have to complete the training?
How soon can I complete the training and receive a certificate?
Will my certificate say that this training was online?
I read your books. Is this what you teach in the training?
What kind of yoga will this training prepare me to teach?
Are there required materials not included in the training price?
Can I watch the videos from any device?
What form of payment do you accept?
What is your refund policy?
Do you offer a payment plan for tuition?
I still have questions. Can I talk to Mark directly and to someone in Customer Support?
srjt h.
I can not recommend Summer Morris Yoga enough. Summer's classes are just what you need whether you're looking to quiet and calm yourself or if you're looking for weight control. She is extremely personable, spritual and knowledgeable and her classes are a wonderful escape. It was just the kind of therapy I needed! Highly recommend!