The Health & Weight Reset eBook

Part of The Summer Morris Method

Learn the simple steps to sustainable
health & weight reset

When dieting becomes unmanageable, try evidence-based tools to tackle weight in a healthier way with the Summer Morris Method.

This eBook includes a simple, done-for-you eating, movement and stress management plan, plus evidence-based tools, support, and accountability.

Plus access to our membership portal for daily videos, bonus handouts, customized shopping lists, and more!

Learn the simple steps to sustainable health & weight with the Health & Weight Reset.
Health and Weight Program: Science-backed workouts and delicious meals for lasting fat loss and lean muscle gain.
Sleeping well is  a skill. Learn how to create a healthier overall lifestyle that contributes to improved sleep quality.
Practice mindful eating, recognizing and responding to hunger and fullness cues and enjoying food without emotional attachment.
Health and Weight Program reduces stress, enhances overall well-being, and establishes healthy habits within a structured, supportive framework to reach your goals.
Health and Weight Program elevates your Resting Metabolic Rate, your body's calorie-burning 'thermostat,' for sustained, natural energy throughout the day.
On the Health and Weight Program, you'll strengthen crucial joint-support muscles, especially in your legs. Plus, dedicated recovery days ensure you feel as flexible as silk when you're finished!
If you believe you’re making all the right food choices and eating healthy, but you’re still dealing with the frustration of:
  •  Bloating, Gas
  • Poor sleep
  • Sugar cravings
  • Inability to lose weight
  • Increased appetite
  • Low or unstable energy
  • Emotional eating
  • Emotional triggers that lead to overeating
  • Inflammation

You're in the right place if:

  • You're wondering why you crave sugar at certain times
  • You want to discover what’s keeping you stuck so you can get unstuck
  • You've tried other diets and aren’t getting sustained results
  • You experience emotional eating or eating when you're not hungry
  • You're done reinventing the wheel and want to finally learn what works and what doesn’t - for real
  • You're ready to finally get this sugar and food thing handled so you can allow your best self to shine

We will walk you through a proven step-by-step system for achieving your health and weight goal.
What's included in the Summer Morris Method for
Health and Weight 

Membership Portal with conveniently recorded Health and Weight Program training sessions
A downloadable eBook with recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner

Online recorded HIIT workouts with low-impact modifications, along with guided relaxation, mindfulness, and yoga sessions throughout the

Bonus Yoga + Core classes

"What To Eat" Grocery Lists

You'll have access to this course for the lifetime of the course, for as long as I continue to run the Health & Weight Reset, and guaranteed access for AT LEAST one year after you enrolled - so that you can learn at the pace that is good for you.

During this time you also have access to the full Movement Library where you will find numerous High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), Yoga, Mindfulness and Meditation classes.
Price is $47 for the The Summer Morris Method for
Health & Weight Reset

The Summer Morris Method for Health & Weight

Certified Health Coach, Summer Morris

Reset Your Eating and Fitness Habits, to Lose Weight and Finally Reclaim Your Energy.


This program is not about counting calories or portion control. It's not about buying special potions or packaged foods.

It's about learning what works for your unique body and mindset and what doesn't, so you can feel better, with more energy and become a healthier you.
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You are not overweight because you have not found the right meal plan, workout, or calorie range.
You are overweight for one simple reason.

Your hand goes to your mouth when you aren't hungry for food.

As a Health Coach & Yoga Teacher Trainer, I educate and support my clients in managing emotional triggers, developing healthier eating habits, and fostering positive relationship with food and emotions.

Your Health & Weight Reset overview:
3 easy phases

 1. Identify your goals + support network
2. Set up your schedule for success
3. Set up your home
4. Review the dietary guidelines and supply list and go shopping before you begin your cleanse.
5. Stress management tools


  The big question on most people’s minds when they begin a program is “What the heck do I eat?”

During the program phase we are focusing on simple, clean foods that are easy to prepare and easy to digest. This protocol is designed to eliminate major foods that cause inflammation and
digestive issues.

You will see that there are plenty of foods to choose from! One of the core strategies here is to focus on what you get to have, not what you don’t get to have.

  The purpose of the Re-Introduction Phase is to identify potential food sensitivities and intolerances. These are foods that may have been causing you toxic reactions before starting the program without
realizing it.

A key reason you feel better on the cleanse is because you’ve removed the most common irritants and given your digestive and immune systems a program.   
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Summer will be helping you every step of the way to make living healthy EASY and sustainable. This is not a quick-fix diet, but a true lifestyle program.

You will learn which foods are optimal for your body and how to make this work in a busy, modern lifestyle.

Summer helps you transform your eating habits, meal plan, and teaches you how to transform your relationship with food. Forever.

Summer will also help you stay accountable with your fitness goals, stress management, and emotional eating for inevitable success. 

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The Summer Morris Method
for Health & Weight Reset

You'll have access to this course for the lifetime of the course, as long as I continue to run the Health & Weight Reset, and guaranteed access for AT LEAST one year after you enrolled.
Total value $3,000
Only $47
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If you're eating healthy, but can't seem to lose weight or eat when you're not hungry to the point of being stuffed... You're Not Alone!

Wouldn't you like to free your mind from sugar cravings, lose weight, drop fat, sleep better, increase your energy and feel better without feeling deprived? 

Summer became a health + fitness coach, yoga teacher, sugar addiction expert, and specialist in emotional eating after her own recovery from health and food issues. 

Summer has coached hundreds of people through 1:1 coaching and Group Coaching Programs to transform their health and create long lasting habit change. Summer used food and sugar to cope with stress and was stuck in binge eating cycles and chronic yo yo dieting from habits learned early in life.

Through transforming her diet, stress management tools, and lifestyle changes, she's radically transformed her health and energy and has been passionate in helping others do the same. 

This Health and Weight Program was created out of something Summer wishes she would've had in her youth. 

This Health and Weight Program is about learning how to properly fuel your body to thrive, but in a way that is SUSTAINABLE for a busy, modern lifestyle. 

Want to learn more about the
7 Solutions To Sugar Cravings?

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The Most Common Health and Weight Program Questions, Answered
How do I know if I need to Program?
Put simply, you need the program when your body is overloaded with toxins.

These toxins present differently in everybody but some common signs include bad skin, having problems with weight and constantly lacking energy.

Our bodies actually detoxify naturally, but after constant exposure to toxins, the process can become compromised and our body can struggle to cleanse our organs and tissues properly.

Eating foods that incorporates a lot of meat, dairy and processed or fatty foods can clog the system.

Regardless of your food choices, the state of your detoxification mechanisms and your exposure to toxins (not just food, but chemicals too), just about everyone can benefit from the occasional program.

Think of it as a way to reboot your system, giving your body a fresh start.
What can’t I eat?
This program is more about what you get to eat than what you don’t.

You get to eat whole, plant based foods.

You will be provided with a full shopping list of delicious foods to eat, a list of what to avoid (and why) as well as tasty recipes.
Will I be hungry on this Program?
You should not be hungry on this program because it does not limit your portion size or calories.

You will be taught and encouraged on how to listen to your body’s hunger signals, so you can eat based on your body’s desire for food.
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