July 04, 2024 by Summer
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Empowering Your Personal Budget

Hey Guys!

Welcome to the Fit to Endure, where we guide you through your entrepreneurial and self-discovery journey with purpose and clarity.

I'm your host, Summer Morris, and on our 17th episode we'll explore personal finance and budgeting! Whether you want to pay off debt, save up for something special, or just manage your money better.

To enhance your journey, I've prepared a free resource Empowering Your Personal Budget tailored to this episode.

CLICK HERE to download your copy.

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In this episode, you’ll hear all about:
Understanding Budgeting: Discover what a personal budget is and why it’s crucial for your financial health.

Components of a Budget:Components of a Budget: Learn how to outline your income, track expenses, save effectively, and manage debt repayment.

10 Essential Tips: Practical advice to kickstart your budgeting journey, from setting clear financial goals to automating savings and payments.

Favorite Budgeting Tool: Explore Empower’s Budget Planner and its features for simplifying financial management.

Empower’s budget planner: https://www.empower.com/personal-investors/budget-planner

Your bonus handout,
Your 1st Step To Empower Personal Budget is just a click away! 

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It’s an ebook + online self-guided coaching program with a simple, done-for-you eating, movement, stress management plan, evidence-based tools, support, and accountability.

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